Trek Supercaliber Review

Trek Supercaliber Review

“The most unique, agile, light and fast rolling dual suspension bike ever. It’s an XCO racers dream as it is still light but has enough suspension to soak up technical terrain making it a race winning machine.” Cameron Roach

All I can say is ‘I want one’! This bicycle is unreal, and it is extremely unique and a one of a kind. From being able to climb up any terrain easily to being fast rolling on the flats and straights to absolutely hugging the trails and stilling perfectly on the single track, this bike is a weapon. The lightness makes it extremely agile and easy to throw around offering an extremely exciting ride. The new Trek designed IsoStrut intergraded shock gives this bike the perfect amount of travel to soak up the bumps. The components on the bike are strong and of high quality, giving the rider a good piece of mind when buying and riding. The new 32 Stepcast fork is more than enough travel and it works perfectly with the rear shock providing the most amazing ride on all terrains. The dual lock out system is great to be able to lock it out on the road or while climbing to be able to maximize the speed and the fastness of the bicycle. The new and improved design of the wider Kovee 30 wheels gives the bike a strong, planted and strong sense when railing corners or hitting jumps. I do think this bicycle does need a dropper post just to be able to get over the back a bit more when going down steep hills. I also think it needs a 34-front sprocket as the bike is extremely light and fast rolling sometimes making it feel like you need more gears. There is nothing else I can fault about this bike, it did everything I wanted it to do and performed perfectly through each test I put it through. It is definitely a beautiful looking bike and turned lots of people’s heads on the trails leaving them speechless. Often when riding, people couldn’t resist asking me questions about it. This bicycle is unbelievable, and it is 100% a race winning machine!

Features of the bicycle that stand out:

  1. Treks IsoStrut integrated suspension system that gives just the correct amount of travel and allows for adjustments.
  2. Treks OCLV mountain carbon allows the carbon to withstand hard and demanding terrain. Also allows to eliminate heavy rear pivot system.
  3. Treks straight shot Knock Block system that allows a rider to stay more planted on a line when the terrain gets on the rough side. • Treks Bontrager boost hubs, give the bike and wheels more strength in the wheels and allows to run a bit of a wider tyre.
  4. The bike can hold two water bottles unlike many other dual suspension bikes.
  5. Treks Blendr stem system allowing for neat and easy mounting of devices.
  6. Treks lifetime warranty on the frame and the wheels, gives the rider a good piece of mind when buying and riding the bike.



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