Trek Checkpoint SL6 Review

“The Trek Checkpoint SL6 is the perfect commuter as it is light yet strong and comfortable to
ride either on long adventures and journeys through countryside on tar or dirt, or even just
to be able to ride every day to work and back.”

Take me on an adventure? This is the first question this bicycle asks you when you climb on it for the first time. This super light yet strong gravel bike is the perfect bike to load up your panniers and bags and go on a journey into places where a road bike would not be able to take you.

This bicycle sits and hugs the road beautifully when put into the longer geometry setting with the ability to adjust it with the Stranglehold dropout system. Yet when riding it on dirt you can make the length and geometry shorter to make it more responsive and better on the dirt and single track.

I personally pushed the limits of this bike to see if I could find a fault in both road and mountain biking. It keeps up with the road riders easily as well as makes it through the basic mountain biking trails. This bike comes alive on the gravel and district roads, its light and easy to pedal with a comfortable riding position allowing the rider to be able to cover long distances in a day and for the days to follow. 

The IsoSpeed Decoupler and the wider and thicker tyres with a not to aggressive tread pattern gives it a stable and much smoother ride on the gravel roads as it minimizes and soaks up the small bump and corrugation bumps that are formed on dirt roads. The disc brakes give the bike good and rapid stopping power and will be able to work in all conditions.

Features of the bicycle that stand out:

  1. Treks endurance comfort technology is their IsoSpeed Decoupler, gives the bicycle a smoother and stable ride as it minimizes fatiguing bumps on gravel and on the road.
  2. Treks Stranglehold dropout, this is to give each rider the best feel of the bike by adjusting the geometry of the bicycle.
  3. The disc brakes, making the bike stop quicker and smoother in all terrains and conditions. • The crazy number of places you can bolt on pannier bags or bottle cages to be able to hold tools or bottles all over the bicycle, this making it perfect for commuting and long-distance riding.
  4. The tubeless ready wheels and tyres that come on the bicycle, giving the rider piece of mind and not having to make the rider keep a tube with them while riding.
  5. The protection guard underneath the downtube of the bicycle giving it protection when riding on the gravel/dirt.
  6. Treks lifetime warranty that they have on all of their bicycle frames giving good piece of mind to the rider.


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