“The most versatile and all-round bicycle that is in the market today, suitable for the dedicated racing snake to the average weekend rider”.

The 2020 Trek Top Fuel 9.8 is a bike built around racing although has the ability to adapt to different riding styles and conditions to suit the rider or terrain. This bicycle can go anywhere from a road to a mountain and be able to handle and be competitive. It has a higher and lower raising flip chip allowing to be more up right and aggressive for road and general mountain bike riding or flipped over to the slacker version to be able to rail trails and descents unbelievably well. The bike is light and agile giving the rider a good feel while climbing that is aggressive and fast rolling but able to dart through corners and being able to handle a bit more of a technical descent, this feeling and confidence on the bicycle is given from the Fox 34 forks, in sink with the rear shock as well as the dropper post and the slightly grippy and wider 2.4 tyre. The bicycles slacker geometry gives the rider a more comfortable and smoother ride. The appearance and looks of the bicycle are astonishing, the frame is clean and cable free with the cables running inside the frame with the Treks Control Freak cable system., the raw black carbon, with the glass trek logo and glitter gloss sections on the bike add to the appearance and look.

Features of the bicycle that stand out:

  1. The flip chip system, to be able to change the geometry for the day of riding.
  2. The 120mm front forks, giving the bike more plushness and enabling the rider to have more confidence.
  3. The grip twist suspension lockout system, making it easy and accessible to be able to lock the suspension out when needed.
  4. The carbon fiber wheels, give the bike a stable yet fast rolling ability.
  5. The responsive dropper post, allowing to change saddle height and certain times when needed.
  6. Knock block system, to not let the bars turn all the way around and damage the frame.
  7. Treks lifetime warranty, giving value for money and a good piece of mind to the rider.



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