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LOOK Cafe du Cycliste - Road Shoe and Pedal Pack

LOOK Cafe du Cycliste - Road Shoe and Pedal Pack

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To satisfy your thirst for style and adventure, LOOK Cycle and Café du Cycliste have collaborated on a limited-edition set dedicated to road riding further and faster with originality at every pedal stroke.

In this limited edition box-set you will find a pair of Café du Cycliste Road shoes, a pair of LOOK KEO Blade carbon ceramic pedals customized, plus a pair of performance socks combining breathability and comfort in blue and white tie-dye.

With optimised power transmission thanks to the combination of Café du Cycliste shoes with carbon soles and the support surface of LOOK KEO Blade pedals, your foot becomes one with the pedal and machine. The Tie and Dye patterns of the socks guarantee an original and unique flourish.

The perfect French connection, it's the Tour de France, the Alps, the curvaceous lines of the Mediterranean, it’s wherever you take the bike next.

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