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X12 12 Speed Chain 126 Links - Black

X12 12 Speed Chain 126 Links - Black

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The KMC 12-speed chain is suitable for almost all rear derailleurs and cassettes and convinces with a perfect shift performance. Chamfered inner and outer links ensure perfect gear changes when upshifting and downshifting.
The XXSP technology and the newly developed BlackTech coating guarantee a long service life.

intended use : Road & Off road High-performance
Material: steel
Dimension: 1/2 "x11 / 128"
Compatibility: SRAM 12-speed switching systems
Number of members: 126
Special feature: X-bridge - highest switching performance, XXSP - particularly wear-resistant, not directional bound
Tabs: full
Rivets: full rivets (reinforced rivet connection)

Weight according to the manufacturer: 268g / 126 links
Weight weighed: 270g / 126 links

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