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Ciovita Men's Sentiero Apex Bib - Black

Ciovita Men's Sentiero Apex Bib - Black

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Elevate your mountain biking experience with our Apex Sentiero Mountain Bike Bib Shorts, meticulously engineered to meet the needs of serious riders tackling rough and muddy terrains. These bib shorts feature an array of advanced design elements that cater specifically to MTB and off-road cycling.

Starting with a Pro-fit leg length, the shorts offer an optimised fit that aligns with the demands of aggressive riding styles. The new pre-shaped ergonomic design further enhances your comfort, enabling greater freedom of movement while minimising fabric bunching.

Made from Ultra-Megno Woven Lycra, the main body of the bib shorts is not only flexible but extremely durable, maintaining its shape ride after ride. This fabric works in harmony with the 4 Layer Comfort Chamois, specially designed to provide extra cushioning and support on rough terrains.

The breathable open-knit suspender elastic keeps you cool and comfortable, allowing for optimal ventilation during intense rides. In addition, advanced moisture-wicking mesh ensures that sweat is rapidly drawn away from the skin, keeping you dry and focused.

For a secure fit, the high-density silicone gripper prevents the shorts from riding up, allowing you to tackle challenging trails with confidence. To further enhance durability, strategic seat paneling has been incorporated, offering advanced resistance against wear and tear on rough and muddy terrains.

◢ Pro Fit Leg Length
◢ New Pre-shaped Ergonomic Design
◢ Ultra-Megno Woven Lycra
◢ 4 Layer Confort System Chamois, designed for rough terrain
◢ Breathable Open Knit Suspender Elastic
◢ High Density Slicone Gripper
◢ Advanced Moisture Wicking
◢ Strategic Seat Panneling for Advance Durability

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